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Toddler Program

We have specifically designed our toddler program to be full of stimulating hands-on experiences that promote synapse development as well as teach the children about the world around them. The children are learning sign language to promote communication as well as focusing on literacy skills, art, counting/math, science, shapes/colors, motor development and music. Our instructors also teach important social skills such as patience, respect for others and friendship. We feel health and hygiene are important so, children are taught hand washing techniques while being exposed to the potty on a daily basis. Our program recognizes the importance of each child, by utilizing many learning styles every child benefits. It is our priority for all children to have positive and fun experiences while developing a love for learning.

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Preschool 2's Program

Every child is unique and is born with the desire to learn. Two year olds especially have a tremendous thirst for knowledge accompanied with boundless amounts energy. Our program is designed to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences that teach key concepts needed for life long learning. Our engaging hands on materials and activities will promote important language, musical, motor, logical and social/emotional development. We also include daily enrichment activities that reinforce the many skills we teach such as sign language and character building. In addition our teachers assist your child in positive potty training. Making learning fun and exciting also is what makes our program effective. Come join the fun!

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Preschool 3's Program

Whether children have been in preschool before or this is their first experience our program offers a challenging and exciting learning environment. Mindworks has low ratio classes that allow children to have more individualized attention from their teachers. Children are taught by direct instruction in conjunction with goal oriented centers and cooperative play. Since every child receives and learns information differently we teach elemental skills in a variety of ways. Hands-on sensory experiences that reflect the world around them are essential to our program. Pre-reading, writing, cultural studies, music, science, math, language, art, character building and social and motor skills are the fundamentals in our well rounded curriculum. For further enrichment the children have computers and sign language instruction. Other important elements to our program are self help and hygiene skills. Our curriculum and instructors strive to give children the knowledge and self confidence they need for success throughout life.

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Our program incorporates hands-on sensory learning experiences accompanied by sign language, music, character building and computers. We cover all subject areas including literacy, language, art, science, cultural studies, mathematics as well as health and hygiene. Our teaching methods are research based and are founded on the Multiple Intelligence Theory. All children learn in a many ways and at a different pace. Our teaching strategies allow us to adjust to the individual child's needs and build self confidence as well as establish the skills needed for Kindergarten and life.We offer state sponsored Summer and Fall Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs. All of our VPK programs are taught by Jane Banke. She has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and has successfully taught hundreds of children for the past 25 years.

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Animal Therapy

It has been scientificly proven that animals have a positive impact on the human brain. Animals help children (people in general) to learn patience, coping skills, caring and communication. Every classroom at Mindworks has a pet and all of the children help care for them as well as observe them in their recreated habitats. Dogs are specially trained and are used therapeutically with the children several times a week. They interact with all of the students throught the school day. Animals are a large part of our program.



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