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    School of Early Learning
  • The program is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory.

    We all have our own way of learning. Experts have identified eight different kinds of intelligence:

    • Verbal / Linguistic
    • Logical / Mathematical
    • Bodily / Kinesthetic
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrapersonal
    • Musical / Rhythmic
    • Visual / Spatial
    • Naturalist

    Our strengths and weaknesses in these intelligences affect how we learn.

    Each child in our school is assessed to determine their personal learning style and the program is tailored to fit the needs of the individual. Class sizes are limited to allow for hands on experiences, individual attention and to promote a higher rate of achievement.

    Mindworks specializes in teaching children the way they learn!

    • A Strong Foundation

      We at Mindworks believe that the foundation for life-long learning is created through a comprehensive early childhood education program. In order to achieve our goal we offer a year-round school with a continuous, quality education. The programs at Mindworks will provide a learning environment for children where they can safely explore, discover, create, interact, communicate and grow.

    • Brain Development

      Research shows that the most crucial time for brain development is during the first five years of life. Each of our brain based curriculum programs are designed to encourage synapse development which in turn will increase the child’s learning potential. Our curriculum is age appropriate and adapts to various learning styles. We believe in an environment where the orientation moves the individual child toward success.

    • Individual Approach

      We recognize the uniqueness and importance of each child; their developmental needs, cultural and family background, and learning style. Through this attitude of respect we will foster each child’s feeling of self-worth and will encourage the children’s respect for the different people they will find in their world.

    We believe…

    • All children can learn and should be happy
    • All children can reach their individual learning potential
    • All children bring unique backgrounds and experiences which contribute to learning
    • Every child has the right to fair and just treatment
    • Quality teachers working together with parents are crucial to the learning process
    • Education is the shared responsibility of schools, families, and the community
    • In respecting and embracing diversity
    • A safe, loving environment, characterized by mutual respect, is essential to learning
    • In the utilization of technology as a tool to enhance learning
    • In continuous self-assessment and improvement of our school and our staff
    • Children are our most valued resource
    • Highly qualified teachers
    • Low teacher to student ratios
    • Computer/ interactive media
    • Nutritious snacks
    • Animal therapy / responsibility training
    • Stimulating environments designed to enhance learning
    • Language development including the use of sign language
    • Music used to promote synapse connections
    • Individualized instruction
    • Focus on lifelong guidelines and life skills
    • Customized curriculum
  • Our Programs

    • Infants
      Our infant room is a joyful loving environment that supports your child's physical, cognitive and emotianal development.
    • Toddlers
      Full of stimulating hands-on experiences that promote synapse development and more.
    • Preschools 2's
      Every child is unique and is born with the desire to learn, especially two year olds.
    • Preschools 3's
      Children are taught by direct instruction in conjunction with goal oriented centers and cooperative play.
    • VPK
      Preparing your child for Kindergarten with exciting learning experiences taught by degreed instructors.
    • Animal Therapy
      Animals have a positive impact on the human brain.
    • My daughter is eager to go to school each morning.

      Bridget Mailloux
    • I am very pleased with the care and instruction that Mia has received at Mindworks.

      Jessica Schlotter
    • Mindworks has been a great school for our 4 year old son. He’s learnt a lot in a fun environment. Could not be happier.

      Karine Romain
    • Thank you so much for doing such a superior job in teaching my daughter.

      Sally Jecmen
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    • Phone & E-mail

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    • School Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Weekend Closed